Candles and Benefits

Candles are popular for relaxation, mood, ambiance, and decoration. There’s a lot of debate about whether candles are good or bad for your health. Here’s what the research says.

How Scents Affect Your Body and Mood

Mood and scent are closely linked. This connection happens because odor molecules in fragrance bind to proteins along your nasal passage and create electrical signals. These signals can interact with a part of your brain called the limbic brain and affect your emotions, thoughts, and memory.

Molecules are also small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with your nervous system. Some scents can help lower blood pressure and heart rate and change brain activity.

Candles Promote Relaxation

You might turn to candles after a long day or when you’re feeling stressed. Burning a candle can help lower stress and promote relaxation. These benefits come more from the scent than the candle itself.

Lots of candles contain essential oils. These are natural compounds from plants that have medicinal benefits. Some cultures have used essential oils for physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Today, they are often used for relaxation and stress management.

Some essential oils are known to promote relaxation and sleep and lower anxiety. These include:

Are Candles Bad for You?

One of the concerns is that burning candles releases chemicals into the air that can make you sick. These concerns are often linked to paraffin wax and synthetic fragrance chemicals because they come from petrochemicals.

While studies show that burning candles does release toxic chemicals, it’s not clear that these chemicals harm your health.

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