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Rosemary Scented candles


  • SIZE AND BURN TIME – 10oz/285g. Featuring natural wax and a lead-
  • AN OCEAN OF ROSES – Drench yourself in the rich, divine aroma of damask rose. Sink into a profusion of velvety petals and feel your mood improve with the gentle sweetness balanced by lemon.
  • BLISSFUL INDULGENCE – The fragrance diffuses quickly for an almost instant indulgence with a guaranteed clean and even burn.
  • EXQUISITE JAR DESIGN – This candle sits in a delicate glass jar with embossed hobnails and arrives in stylish gift packaging. A perfect home decor piece or a brilliant gift for any occasion.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Experience thoughtful customer service and full refund & return if there are any problems upon receiving the product.
  • What is the raw material?
  • Are they soy candles?
  • For the ones on Tins, Can you put body butter on the tins ?

  •  When you DIY the candles, the jars should perfectly hold the liquid candles and there should beno leakage.
  • Of course, onecan put candies, buttons, jewelry, and many small things as markers in the tin. Taking away these cans during the journey will make you feel that your backpack is no longer as messy as before.
  • Candle experts actually strongly recommend opaque [not see-through] containers for soy candles as a clear glass jar will get unsightly “frosting” from soy.
  • What’s Included: 24PCS QUIKOBO Black Candle Tins and 4 PCS Insulation Mat
  • Perfect Size: Diameter 2.95″(7.5cm) x Height 1.96″(5cm), 5oz = 150ml, The candle tin can be reused. After the candle is placed, the tin will become more and more fragrant
  • This ensures that when the user introduces the high temperature wax liquid, the can can perfectly withstand the high temperature wax liquid without any leakage. And the included heat insulation pad perfectly protects the table from high temperatures.

  • Ensure great quality little tins for making candles. All individually wrapped and 4 round heat mats should be included. Can’t be fault. Great.
  • Look for a  beautiful, quality finish on both black exterior and gold interior, for great value for money… really lovely little pots
  • Elegant new design : The elegantly rounded design of the jar makes the whole more aesthetically pleasing. Add a touch of sparkle to your living space with our metal candle containers that come in alluring colors like Black. Use them to keep your objects without sacrificing aesthetics neatly or to spruce up your DIY candle making projects. (CANDLE NOT INCLUDED!)
  • Multi-purpose Storage: We are accustomed to using this candle jars for candle making, but these tins are actually very versatile. You can incorporate a variety of small parts of life, such as jewelry rings, candies and cookies, etc.
  • Perfect Whole: As a candle jars for candle making is made with superb craftsmanship, and there is no gap in the tin body. 

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